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At Sonsray Fleet Services, we understand the importance of community.

We’re in business because our customers are in business. Even though our products help build the infrastructure of communities, it’s the people and relationships that make it all happen. Our contribution is more than just man & machine, we have made it a company commitment to give back by allowing our employees to take a volunteer day off.

Below are ways our team is actively being a “Force for Good”.

Sonsray employee takes a stand against children's cancer.

Gary George (Sonsray Machinery, Redding) Joins the 2018 Great Cycle Challenge in effort to raise money for children's cancer research!

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TK Services Joins forces with Americas top hunger relief organization

TK Services has partnered with Feeding America and local food banks in California and Nevada to fight against hunger and food instability

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Sonsray employee celebrates Earth Day by Giving Back

David Barnes (Sonsray Machinery, Sacramento) and his family head to Grover Hot Springs for a day of clean up and restoration.

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Helping an officer in the middle of a struggle

Service technician comes to the aid of a Salem, Oregon Police Sargent during a roadside struggle.


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Collecting Toys for Foster Kids

TK Services in Stockton holds a Toy Drive.

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Foster-youth-toy-drive video

Be a Blessing to Others

Claudia Quintero (SSC) and Brenda Serrano (TK Fontana) hit the streets of L.A. with a group of volunteers and a mission to help others.

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Natural Disaster Assistance

From Hurricanes to Earthquakes. Sonsray is committed to helping those in need.


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Mentoring Scouts

Marty Paulsen volunteers his time guiding a group of scouts on an overnight backpacking trip.


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Riding to fight cancer

Gary George from our Sonsray Machinery store in Redding California is riding for the cause and needs your help to raise support for kids fighting cancer.

Click here for details

Go to Gary's donation page


Charities Fundraiser

Tim Kniffen from our Sonsray Machinery store Sparks Nevada helps the Lions Club raise funds for local charities.


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Helping out the homeless on Skid Row

Jerry Klopschinski from Sonsray Rental & Leasing in Los Angeles gives a helping hand to the homeless on Skid Row.

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Coats for the less fortunate

Ricardo Orellana from our TK Services store in San Leandro helps out the community in San Francisco.

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Christmas Party Collects Toys

Our Corporate Headquarters turned its office Christmas Party into an opportunity to collect toys for the City of Hope.


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Saints on Skid Row

Claudia Quintero from our Sonsray Inc. corporate office in Torrance California helps round up a group of big-hearted people with one goal in mind: To bless the homeless & hungry in one of the most dangerous areas in Los Angeles.


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Wesley’s Wheels

Sonsray Machinery Sacramento turns inventory yard into a playground for a child with leukemia. When we heard 3-year-old Wesley Nelson loved playing with all things heavy equipment, we knew just the way to cheer him up between treatments.


Read the full story here

Click here for video on CBS Sacramento KOVRTV

Hope for Wesley Fundraiser here

Food Bank Helper

Travis Wheeler from our Las Vegas store, volunteered at Three Square Food Bank.
Putting together family food baskets for Thanksgiving.


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5K Walk/Run for the CURE

Art Jurado from our Sonsray Machinery Santa Fe Springs store joins the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) in its fight for a cure and treatment of the second most common blood cancer.


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Veterans Day Volunteer

Bryan Foust from our Sonsray Machinery Stockton store joined forces with the American Legion in Modesto California and volunteered his time to help set up a new facility.


Read more here

Helping out the homeless in San Diego.

Harry Friedman and his family organize a collection drive of various items to hand out to the homeless. They're also active with Mission22 in helping raise awareness of veteran suicides.


Read the full story here.

Children’s Cancer Foundation

Join us in supporting Gary George, Branch Manager from Redding, CA, as he embarks a 400-mile bicycle challenge in an effort to raise funds for The Children’s Cancer Foundation to help eradicate childhood cancer permanently.

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Stand For Eden

Eden is five. She did a back-bend on her living room floor and is now paralyzed from the waist down. But her story will not end here. We will do anything and everything possible to help her recover. Eden cannot stand on her own, so now we will Stand For Eden and we ask you to join us.


It is our goal to raise funds to assist her family through this extremely challenging time. Every little bit counts. Not only are we looking to raise funds but to ultimately spread awareness, so please feel free to share Eden's story. We are sincerely touched by the support Eden has received thus far and thank you in advance for any contribution you may be able to provide.

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